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Bigfoot: Let's see the proof

Written by: The Overlord

Here's the thing. I want to believe in Bigfoot. I really do.

There's a part of me that really wants to believe that some sort of primate/human ancestor is running around the woods of North America. Maybe I am trying to look through the innocent eyes of my inner child for something to be in awe of and astounded by.

I think that's why I get so irate with people who pull hoaxes and try to cash in on the millions of people out there like me who want to let their minds escape, and not fall into the ego trap that humans know everything.

I'm not going to say that what I am presenting below is a hoax. I don't know. All I know is I'm not convinced, and I am sure not going to spend $30 American to find out if I am right or wrong. Instead I'm going to present a few "facts" to you and let you make up your mind.

The video shows what is supposed to be evidence of a bigfoot, and is being used as an attempt to measure the animal's breathing rate while sleeping.

Here's a better idea. Wake the thing up. Poke it with a stick. Fire a cap-pistol. If this was a sleeping mountain gorilla then fine. But it's not. It is supposed to be an unknown creature.

This 19 second long clip shows a large furry something taking a breath, and from the way the clip is editted, you get the sense that this is a section of a larger video. You are left with the impression that these people have footage of several of these sleeping creatures. Wake one up.

I have never in my life seen video of a sleeping wild bear, moose or cougar, but I'm supposed to believe someone has superior forest ninja skills, and has captured this footage.

Like I said, I won't pay for the journal. I won't even provide a direct link. You can find them yourself if you'd like. But please. Watch the video first.

Remember, that we have an open mind. We want to hear your stories, and we certainly want to see your evidence. But in this case, as my son says when confronted by something usually considered b.s. "I call haxs".

Additional information:

What is the Erikson Project?  Click here for more details.

Think we're the only one's miffed about this? We're not. Click here for a video from the folks at Bigfoot Evidence.

Here's the article that inspired this article tonight. The bigger the Bigfoot claim, the bigger the need for evidence by Dustin Welbourne.


In the interest of fairness I have sent the following message to DeNovo Publishing.

"I run a website called I will tell you that based on the "video evidence" found on YouTube and attributed to DeNovo Publishing that I'm skeptical to say the least of your claims of proof of bigfoot.

But in fairness, I am requesting an interview with any of the lead research team. I propose to send you a list of questions in a Word document for you to answer and send back to me and my readers.

Are you willing to do this?"

Stay tuned for their response.

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