Top 5 Bigfoot Photographs (March 2014) according to YouTube's Bigfoot Evidence

According to YouTube's Bigfoot Evidence text for this video "Thousands upon thousands of people across the United States and Canada have claimed to observe this legendary creature standing between 8 and 11 feet tall and 4 feet wide at the shoulders -- ordinary people, from children to the elderly, shocked, mesmerized and terrified at what was before their very eyes. Here are some recent photographs of the creature as of March 25, 2014."

alleged bigfoot trail cam photo February 2012

As always, we have a few questions and observations about the Bigfoot evidence being promoted.

  1. None of these Bigfoot photos were taken in 2014, let alone the month of March.
  2. If you're going to use archival photos of a cryptid for something like this, why not add in some of the public domain shots from various other famous photos for comparison.
  3. Of the 228 videos that Bigfoot Evidence currently has on YouTube, are all of these truly the best they've got?
  4. In photo # 4, other than Sasquatch, what else could be sitting inside a sleeping bag at a campground, and why was the first instinct to take a picture. ParaNorthern's Overlord insists he'd be making the guilty party pay up for their portion of the food and what appears to be beer.
  5. Why are all the items on the picnic table in photo #4 gathered neatly in front of the alleged creature? Is there some sort of etiquette course being offered to these creatures? How would I sign up my brother-in-law?

Arrrrgggh. Too many questions. Not enough answers. And no photos of Bigfoot in Northern Ontario.

Watch the Bigfoot photos video below and let us know what you think.

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