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Hikers capture footage of mysterious 'Bigfoot' figure

Written by: The Webmistress

"Sasquatch spotted in the remote mountains of Mission BC!" is the headline title of the YouTube video.

At the end of July 2013, reported that there was a new video of "Bigfoot" caught on video in Mission BC, Canada.

Many scientists to this day hold on to their statements that the the "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch" is still nothing more than a hoax. But "Bigfoot" believers take this new footage as even more additional proof that the animal does exist.

It also has come to light that the mobile app company, PlayMobility had put a call out for any new "Bigfoot" videos and of course they were bombarded with them.

With that being said, and as reported by the, may just have being a brilliant marketing strategy. 

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