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Bigfoot HOAX In Pennsylvania?

Written by: The Webmistress

Have you ever noticed how many more "Bigfoot" sightings come up during Fall/Spring? Maybe it's just because there is less foliage at those times of year. With that being said, there has being a new sighting of Bigfoot, this time in Pennsylvania. The report from Huffington Post includes a statement from another person that refutes the original claim.

John Stoneman who claimed seeing the "Bigfoot" said that while driving through the Kinzua State Park, he spotted not one but two of these famously elusive creatures.


With this article from the Huffington Post there was also an an anonymous tipper who claims that Stoneman's photos are of a tree stump, which he also submitted as "proof". An additional write up can be found on the Express News website.

We like to keep an open mind on things like this and are not sure whether either of them are correct in their findings.

We would like to hear your thoughts on these new "Bigfoot" photos. Better yet, we would love to see yours. If you have a tale to tell, click the link to Tell Us Your Story.

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