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UFO videos from around the world: Jan - Feb 2013

Written by: The Overlord

An interesting statistic that came our way recently stated that 95% of unidentified flying objects are actually aircraft, birds, weather balloons, meteorites and a wide assortment of of other common and uncommon objects. However, that leaves 5% as unexplained.

In 2012, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) reported to CNN that there are over 500 reported sightings taking place around the world every month. Statistically speaking about 25 of those sightings would be unexplained.

As anybody looking for answers does these days, we headed over to YouTube to see what we could find. Below is a video with several clips of what are claimed to be UFO's from around the world from January to February of this year. Most seem explainable, and with others we are keeping an open mind.

For an example of how easy it can be to misidentify something, check out how Russell Crowe was recently pulled into the UFO debate.

What do you think? Do you believe UFO's are explainable, or supernatural? 

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