UFO videos from around the world: May 2013

Written by: The Overlord

Over the past few months at ParaNorthern.ca we've been featuring YouTube flying object videos presented by  AnonymousFO.com

This group's website provides a variety of U.F.O. related content, and you can check out their news page by clicking here to read an interesting variety of flying object related articles and stories from around the world.

At ParaNorthern, we try to keep an open mind and present information for you, our readers, to base your own decisions on. To their credit, AnonymousFO do as well. Much of what they present is quite interesting, although some of the information is a little harder to believe.

One difference that we've noticed between the UFO believers and other paranormal investigators is that the UFO community also seems to have a large group of conspiracy theorists embedded within its ranks. No one accuses the US government of keeping Michael Jackson's ghost on ice for the Presidents sole entertainment.

Each month, AnonymousFO posts a collection of flying object videos on their YouTube channel, and we've been finding most of it interesting enough to share with you here.

Many of this month's videos seemed easy to explain, especially when you think of military aircraft flying away, and some seem explainable as other natural phenomena.

But its the 5% that cannot be easily explained that we are the most interested in and curious about ourselves. In this video, check out the moving lights over Lake Erie starting at about 5:04. We've heard of experiences like this going back decades. 

We would love to feature your UFO videos or photos, whether they be from northern Ontario, elsewhere in Canada or across the Northern Hemisphere. Click the link to Tell Us Your Story.

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