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About: Ontario Sasquatch

Sometimes the best way to describe someone and what they do is to let them do it themselves.

Ontario Sasquatch - About Us Page

Ontario Sasquatch is a private, non-profit organization made up of independent researchers who are investigating the existence of sasquatch or bigfoot in Ontario.  We believe sasquatch exists and is a flesh and blood hominid that is well adapted to its habitat.

Ontario Bigfoot Hotspot

According to the Ontario Sasquatch website's Home Page, Ontario Sasquatch and Ontario Bigfoot /Ontario Wildlife Field Research have combined to form one organization. Their goal was to "unite researchers and enthusiasts province-wide and ensure(s) that our members are offered the highest level of accessibility to the latest sasquatch and wildlife activity throughout Ontario."

This group is doing very serious research on sasquatch. Their website is filled with a variety of very good content such as a Sightings Map, Field How To's, a Member's Forum and of course the Ontario Reports Database.

Earlier in 2014, website Mulder's World shared a YouTube video that they had obtained from Tim Ervick of Ontario Sasquatch/Ontario Wildlife Field Research-Ontario Bigfoot. The video shows what is supposed to be a bigfoot in Algonquin Park Ontario

Here's a screen capture from the video that has been slightly enhanced to make sure that the alleged creature stands out.

Bigfoot Found On Go Pro Footage After Drive Through Algonquin Park Ontario Canada 

Here is the video shared by Mulder's World.

So what do you think? Are Bigfoot alive and thriving in Canada's most populous province? Add your comments below.

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