Unexplained Creatures

Have you ever thought you've seen or heard an animal that you could not identify? You may have encountered a cryptid.

Cryptids are sometimes thought of as mythical creatures, but truly they are animals that are either thought to be extinct or are not yet classified.

Many people have unexplained stories to tell. Follow this link to Share Your Experience.

Bigfoot: Let's see the proof

Written by: The Overlord

Here's the thing. I want to believe in Bigfoot. I really do.

There's a part of me that really wants to believe that some sort of primate/human ancestor is running around the woods of North America. Maybe I am trying to look through the innocent eyes of my inner child for something to be in awe of and astounded by.

I think that's why I get so irate with people who pull hoaxes and try to cash in on the millions of people out there like me who want to let their minds escape, and not fall into the ego trap that humans know everything.

Finding Bigfoot: Does this help or hurt serious sasquatch research

Written by: The Overlord

Human beings can be a funny bunch sometimes. We want other people to share in our causes and beliefs, but often get upset if someone gains recognition for doing something we are also passionate about.

The television show “Finding Bigfoot” is a great example of this.paterson bigfoot still

Most discussions around this show seem to come from fellow researchers and bigfoot experts who have advice on how the show could be done better. Sometimes that advice includes firing varying cast members and hiring them instead.

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Is This Photo Proof That Bigfoot & Humans Share A Common Ancestor?

Bigfoot researchers have long supposed that the legendary cryptid is a primate, and therefore related to modern humans.

Recently discovered photo examinations which originate from Shawnee, Oklahoma may hold an important clue.

William Bradley has long held an interest in Sasquatch. Himself a native of Shawnee, Bradley states that Oklahoma has long been a hot bed of Bigfoot activity.

Bradley claims to have multiple talents which have helped him discover the truth.

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When Hunting For Bigfoot, Look Up.
Way up.

Regular readers to ParaNorthern on Facebook or our website know that I am officially a Bigfoot skeptic. Even though I want to believe that a large primate inhabits the considerable wilderness of the North American continent, most of the so called evidence falls into the category of Bollocks. (Ask someone British.)

So when I read recently that some Sasquatch hunters are suggesting that we look to the tree tops for sleeping Bigfoot I laughed out loud. I could not picture something of the supposed mass of of this bipedal cryptid climbing a tree to get a good night's rest.

But then I saw this video.

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