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Huffington (re)Post: Triangle UFO's Fly In The Face Of Logic

The Trouble with Triangle UFO's

On February 27th, 2014, Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post has this to say about Triangle UFO's:

"Whatever happened to good old circular flying saucers? While accounts of them continue to show up in police reports, newspapers, YouTube, etc., it seems like these days, there are more and more sightings and videos of triangular UFOs -- V-shaped, Dorito-shaped unidentified objects.

The earliest known reports of these unusual triangles can be traced to the Dutch East Indies in the late 1890s, around 10 years prior to the Wright Brothers' first powered airplane flight in 1903. Triangle UFOs were also reported from Scotland and England in 1895."

You can read the rest of Lee's piece on  the problem with Triangle UFO's by Clicking Here.

Watch the videos below.

Jay Callaghan's Light Pillars in Peterborough, Ontario

In today's world, this would not count as a Paranormal News story, but in days gone by, it certainly would have.

Jay Callaghan's picture of beams of light in the Peterborough, Ontario skies, February 25th, 2014

Spike's Latest Reality Show: Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty

Alright. Have you heard about the latest Bigfoot related Reality show? It's called the Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty.

The shows host Dean Cain told The Huffington Post "Before the show, I was extremely skeptical, however hopeful," Cain, 47, "Then I started doing research and found that we discover as many as 15,000 new species every year, on average, in the United States. They're usually insects and sometimes primates. There's a lot of things to be discovered that we have not laid our eyes upon."

Many People Aren't Surprised That Dyer's Bigfoot is a No Show

Ruck Dyer and Hank the Bigfoot

If you've followed Rick Dyer at all, this is likely no surprise to you. Dyer's alleged bigfoot corpse was not available to be shown at it's February 14th premiere at the International UFO Congress Conference and Film Festival.

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