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Area 51 exists, the CIA admits

Written by: The Webmistress

Recently declassified documents make no mention of UFOs, aliens or staged moon landings;

On Aug 16, 2013 CBC NEWS posted an article that the CIA has confirmed the existence of Area 51 and have declassified some related documents. 


For all the UFO believers out there, this move only solidified the belief of government conspiracies and cover ups, while at the same time validating their own UFO experiences.

Hikers capture footage of mysterious 'Bigfoot' figure

Written by: The Webmistress

"Sasquatch spotted in the remote mountains of Mission BC!" is the headline title of the YouTube video.

At the end of July 2013, reported that there was a new video of "Bigfoot" caught on video in Mission BC, Canada.

Many scientists to this day hold on to their statements that the the "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch" is still nothing more than a hoax. But "Bigfoot" believers take this new footage as even more additional proof that the animal does exist.

News: UFO over Netherlands Muiderslot Castle

Written by: The Overlord

Here's something you don't see everyday. Or do you?

object over castleHDR cameras take photos in bursts of 3 or more allowing the photographer to choose the best of the three or best parts of the each for editing and creating composites.

In photographer Corinne Federer's case she was using a Nikon 800 and shooting in bursts of 5 photos.

News: A REAL Big Foot Mystery

Written by: The Overlord

Are the woods around Quincy, Massachusetts a hot bed of Bigfoot activity? Is the image in the photo to the left the remains of a Sasquatch, or a bear paw?

For the time being, no one know's for sure. All they know is it's definitely not human. 


You can read the Discovery Channel report on it by clicking here.

We are reporting on this story for two reasons. One is that it's paranormal news. The other is to discuss the "image" problem bigfoot, cryptozoology and especially people who report encounters end up having in the press.