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Things That Go Bump Around The Web,  And Some That Made Us Smile.

Sure, Northern Ontario has a long history of unexplained and scary events, but there's a big world out there, and a lot going on in other parts of the globe.

One thing the ParaNorthern team has found as we've scoured the web looking for stories, is that there are a lot of interesting and sometimes very funny stories out there.funny pictures, humorous pics, funny paranormal videos, prank scary videos, funny paranormal stories

So we thought we'd dedicate a section of the site and share them with you.

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Winter Paranormal Humour

Humour always has a way of warming us up. At, we thought this was appropriate the season.

Also, this would scare the crap out of us if it were hanging outside our door.

Around here, that's saying something. 

creepy icicle courtesy of

Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil

We have laughed, and laughed and laughed at this.

It might be a bit cruel, and even ParaNorthern's OverLord admits he likely would have gotten freaked out as well.

But that doesn't make this any less funny.

So tell the truth. Have you ever been freaked out by a prank? Tell your story in the Comments Section below.

A Niagara Falls, Ontario Haunted House Takes Photos Of The Scariest Point In The Tour

This is too funny not to share. A Niagara Falls, Ontario Haunted House, the Nightmares Fear Factory has a hidden camera that takes your snapshot right at the scariest point of the tour. 

Here are a few that made us laugh the hardest. All photos are the property of Nightmares Fear Factory.

Nightmares Fear Factory, a Haunted House Tour in Niagara Falls, Ontario - funny, scary pics

From ParaBreakdown: The Werewolf Of São Gonçalo Dos Campos

We're big fans of ParaBreakdown on YouTube. He's one of our favourite sources for explanations of paranormal events, sightings and other activities.

Apparently this video shows "The Werewolf Of São Gonçalo Dos Campos." Some residents in the community of Sao Goncalo dos Campos, Brazil evidently believe they have a real werewolf leaving in town. The original video was posted in 2007, and recently returned to the limelight because more residents claim to have seen the creature. So much so that a curfew has been in imposed on the town and its residents.

Phil Poling, better known for his handle of ParaBreakdown, has done we he does best...broken down this video and explained what he thinks is actually going on. 

To check out more ParaBreakdown videos visit his YouTube channel

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So when I read recently that some Sasquatch hunters are suggesting that we look to the tree tops for sleeping Bigfoot I laughed out loud. I could not picture something of the supposed mass of of this bipedal cryptid climbing a tree to get a good night's rest.

But then I saw this video.

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