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Unidentified Objects

Unidentified Objects that move across the sky

There is much activity in our skies, and not all of it buzzes at the height of mosquito season. From lights to the appearance of actual solid objects, UFO stories go back to the 1950's and even earlier.

So this section of the site is dedicated to stories about the objects that hover, zig and zag across our clear, unobstructed sky. 

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UFO videos from around the world: March 2013

Written by: The Overlord

This month in ParaNorthern,  the YouTube flying object video we're showcasing was compiled and uploaded by the group at

For those interested in UFO' provides a substantial amount of video based Unidentified Flying Object content, news and links to UFO related information from around the world.

UFO videos from around the world: April 2013

Written by: The Overlord

Over the past few months at we've been featuring YouTube flying object videos presented by

This group's website provides a variety of U.F.O. related content, and you can check out their news page by clicking here to read an interesting variety of flying object related articles and stories from around the world.

UFO videos from around the world: Jan - Feb 2013

Written by: The Overlord

An interesting statistic that came our way recently stated that 95% of unidentified flying objects are actually aircraft, birds, weather balloons, meteorites and a wide assortment of of other common and uncommon objects. However, that leaves 5% as unexplained.

In 2012, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) reported to CNN that there are over 500 reported sightings taking place around the world every month. Statistically speaking about 25 of those sightings would be unexplained.

There’s a History of UFO Sightings North of the Border

Written by: The Overlord

Not all people consider UFO’s part of the paranormal, but around here we think it fits.

For decades, UFO’s have been linked to topics such as time travel, unexplained phenomenon (alleged abductions, crop circles etc.) and a host of other activities.

Unidentified Flying Object

To be clear, we do not believe that alien’s are visiting us, but we do agree that there are an awful lot of photos, videos and eye witness accounts that are difficult to explain.